Our Services


 Doctors and nurses at The Doctor House are highly skilled professionals who can provide a very wide range of general medical services (see examples below) and coordinate specialist services for you should you need them. We also work hard to bring additional services to our community 

Additional services

 Diagnostic Imaging – Ultrasound
Pathology - Sullivan Nicolaides
Orthopaedic Surgeon – Dr Sarah Coll
Podiatrist – Jeffrey Dowdle
Echocardiogam clinics – Heart Rx
Various specialists from around Australia via video-link as needed. 

Some of what we do...

Women’s Health


Antenatal Care 

Diet and Exercise

Aviation medicine 

Travel medicine 

Skin checks

 Skin cancer surgery 

More of what we do...

Diabetes Education and Management Men’s Health

Sexual health

Minor surgery

Well-being and resilience

Counseling and mental health

Preventative health 

But wait...

Child Health

Immunisations - incl. Yellow Fever

QFever etc

Acute conditions

Occupational health

Clinical diagnosis

Chronic disease management

and more again

Health Checks

24-hour heart monitoring      

Early interventions

24-hour blood pressure monitoring


Wound care 

Pre-employment medicals 

More about services

Antenatal Care

 At The Doctor House we love mums, dads and their babies. We provide a  comprehensive service including pre-pregnancy planning, supporting you  through pregnancy and ongoing care for you and your baby after birth. We  feel it is particularly important to take a holistic view of families with new babies on the way or just arrived and look after the mums and  dads through this process so that they can be their best for looking  after their child. We have tools, such as an ultrasound machine and  Doppler, to help visualise and check on your baby as it develops and  know when to send you on for more specialist investigations if  warranted. We have extensive experience in all areas and access to a  broad team of clinicians specialised in particular aspects of baby conception and development should you need them. 

Skin Cancer Services

 At The Doctor House we use the most effective tools for assessing and  treating your skin for skin cancers. We have high quality dermoscopy and  camera equipment, which, in the hands of an experienced doctor, has  been demonstrated to be the most accurate and reliable method of  detecting skin cancers. Dr House has trained in skin surgery with the  University of Queensland and has decades of experience with removing  skin cancers and other lesions. She is a careful and skilled surgeon but  is always ready to refer complex or aesthetically risky surgery to  specialist plastic surgeons. These skills she passes on to our younger  doctors. Our nurses are also highly skilled at post-operative care and  managing dressings for your best possible outcome. 

Medicals and Health Checks

Aviation Medicals (DAME on site)

Dr  House is one of the few Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs in  the north) and our team can conduct all aspects of your medicals and  submit them instantly on line.   

Our team are expert with all manner of other medicals and health checks.  Additional tests common to many pre-employment medicals can all be done on site  including, spirometry (lung function), audiometry (hearing test), ECG  (Electrocardiogram – heart function test), drug urinalysis and basic  functional assessments.

All recommended health checks, such as 4  year old, over 75, 45 – 50 year old men, indigenous and others are  regularly conducted by our expert team.

Childhood and immunisations

 Once you are raising a child we provide comprehensive care, including a  complete immunisation program, which is provided free if following the  Queensland Health Immunisation Program schedule. We have access to  electronic databases to obtain an immunisation history for a child and  the ability to transfer immunisation data quickly to Medicare. We have  extensive, up-to-date and evidence based information to ensure you can  make fully informed decisions for your child’s well-being.

All  childhood issues can be dealt with at The Doctor House and we fully  understand that small children can get sick very quickly so we always  try to make a sick child a priority appointment.

We can conduct  all health checks at all stages of development and these services are  all direct-billed until your child reaches 16 years of age. 

Chronic disease management

 The team at The Doctor House takes the management of chronic illness  seriously, knowing that when chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart  disease, COPD or asthma are well-managed you can still expect a high  quality of life. Our team have extensive experience and expertise in  managing chronic disease but our ultimate goal is to provide you with  the tools and ongoing support that you need to manage your illness yourself. We use long term planning (care plans), monitoring (e.g.  cycles of care) and team care arrangements to ensure your care is organised and on track and you are able to access all services needed to  maximise your health and well-being for as long as possible.

Our nursing team  are excellent at coaching with diet, exercise and other lifestyle habits that allow you to maximise your health. We do most of your checks (e.g.  INRs, blood sugar levels) and observations on site, prior to you seeing  the doctor so that the benefits from your consultation are maximised. 

Travel Medicine

 Dr House regularly attends specialist conferences on travel medicine to  ensure knowledge and skills for all doctors at our practice are up to  date. Dr House and Dr Baade are qualified to administer the Yellow-fever vaccine, which requires special education and training. We also have a comprehensive range of vaccines  in stock, including those for rabies (Lyssavirus) and Q-fever.

Our  doctors and nurses are trained in providing you with information on how  to stay safe and eat to stay well while traveling and are also expert  in helping you to set up a first aid kit for your travels and provide  the necessary documents for taking prescription medications with you.