Your Safety


Cardiff Air

The Doctor House is fitted with a Cardiff Air system which circulates fresh air through the building at all times. This system helps to remove airborne droplets from the building and dry out those that have landed on a surface, which helps towards creating a clean and infection- free environment. 

Patient Resources

We have created a designated wall adjacent to our reception desk that contains the latest information regarding Covid-19, and ways in which to contain it’s spread. We have also installed a wall hung sanitizer unit which we encourage our patients to use on entering and exiting the building and after they have touched a surface. 

Infection Control

Our doctors and nurses are practising extremely high levels of infection control. Any patient displaying potential COVID-19 symptoms will be treated by a clinician wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We have strict procedures in place to ensure that all PPE is disinfected or disposed of after each consult. 

Our reception and waiting areas are cleaned regularly with a medical grade disinfectant. All children's toys, magazines and books have now been removed to further limit the potential for spread of infection.

Telehealth Appointments

Although we will continue face to face consultations when necessary, our doctors our are now able to offer bulk-billed telehealth appointments for patients who choose not to attend the clinic due to social distancing measures. Please be aware that some appointment types do require patients to physically attend the practice. If you would like to schedule a telehealth appointment, or change your current booking, please call reception on 40952400.